Phyllostachys Pubescens - Seeds and Germination

Germination rate of Phyllostachys Pubescens is rather erratic. It goes from 25 to 60%

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 To help the embryo moisten, soak the seeds for two days at room temperature.

The ideal substrate is a mixture of coconut coir and black  peat in equal parts. Mix and water it well. Drain the mixture, pressing to expel all the water. The soil has to be wet but no waterlogged.
Fill with the soil the container chosen to sow the seeds.

Nail seeds in the substrate, leaving 1-2 cm between them.

The seeds need to be in a hot and humid environment.
In order to improve germination, the temperature should be around 25-30ºC. Some says that we should lower the temperature in the night, around 20-25ºC. 
The humidity is recommended to be around 70% and the soil must be always wet. 
It is recommended to spray it with warm water every day.
The seeds may take 2-6 weeks to germinate. 


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