Adansonia Madagascariensis - Seeds and Germination

Germintion rate of Adansonia is easy but highly variable. f you sow the seeds just after picked them up you don't have to treat them. Previous treatments are needed.
Previous Treatments
 These seeds should be soaked in a container of hot water and allowed to cool. After that they may be sown after soaking for 24 hrs.

The ideal substrate is a 50% mixure of black peat and sand.

Put the seeds on the substrate, leaving two cm between them.
Cover with a layer of soil equal to the thickness of the seed.

The seeds may sprout on 2-6 weeks. Soil temperature and moisture must be constant for all that time. Put the seeds in a warm place, around 20ºC, and with no sunlight.
Don't let the soil dry out but beware of fungi too.


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