Carnegiea Gigantea - Seeds and Germination

Saguaro seeds have a growth inhibitor which we have to remove before starting this cultivo.

Previous treatments
In its environment this inhibitor goes away with the intense rains that comes in the rainy season. At home, we have to put the seeds in hot water, for a week, changing this water every day.

The ideal substrate is a mixture of sand and black  peat in a 1/3.
Mix and water it well. Drain the mixture, pressing to expel all the water.
The soil has to be wet but no waterlogged.
Fill with the soil the container chosen to sow the seeds.
It's recommended to sterilize the soil, by using fungicide, boiling the soil or even using the microwave (you can put the soil into the microwave for half minute)

Put the seeds on the substrate, leaving two cm between them.
Cover with a layer of soil equal to the thickness of the seed.

These seeds need 20ºC degrees and light to sprout, as well as keeping the soil wet.


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