Yucca Filamentosa - Seeds and Germination

Picutre by @ana.kin.photo (instagram)
Yucca Filamentosa Seeds

The most important thing when we sow Yucca is the soil. It has to be wet but no waterlogged.
Combine 50% sand and 50% peat in a bucket.
We have to melt it and add water.
 We have to press the soil until the mixture is wet but there’s no water going out of it.
Put the soil in a pot with holes in the bottom and gravels in the background. 
 Press the surface to squeeze out any trapped air.

Lay out the a seeds 1 cm apart on the surface of the sand mixture. Push the seeds into the surface of the mixture with the flat of your hand. Cover the seeds with a very thin layer of sand.

To sprout, the seeds need constant warm and moisture.
 The temperature should be 20 ºC, 68 ºF. To keep the seeds  warm  you can sow in a temperate season or warm the bottom of the nursery tray with a heat mat set.
 You should put he nursery in an illuminated place. Some people place the nursery on a large table or workbench where it will receive eight to 10 hours of sunlight daily.
The germination will occur on less than a month.
We have to keep the last terms for all that time.
Keeping the soil wet is an easy job.  You can mist the aloe seeds whenever the sand mixture dries out, or you can drape a sheet of plastic wrap over the nursery.
 But you have to remove the plastic wrap for a few hours to dispel trapped moisture whenever excess condensation forms inside.
Avoid letting the sand dry out completely for longer than six to eight hours, but do not saturate it either.


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